Fun at Apex

At Apex Pacific, as we like to call it, we abide by the following priorities:

  1. FUN!
  2. Family First
  3. Make some money

Our team loves to celebrate and spend time together outside of work. We know that the formula for our success is to have a team that is connected and enjoys life together!

The gallery below shares some of our latest escapades.

Apex Halloween contest 2018 (002)
Halloween Winners

Halloween: Project Manager Ting came in #1 as a witch; Brian, our superintendent earned #2 as a Norwegian Warrior; our illustrious leader, Joe, was voted #3 as a Notre Dame football player – good thing ND isn’t in the PAC12 or he wouldn’t have made it; Reddy took #4 – we’re not sure what his costume is and he wasn’t sure either!

Spring Picnic 2018 Joe & Ting's Mom
Ting’s Mom and Joe

Summer Picnic: Our team had a fantastic time together with our families. Ting’s Mom and Joe took a moment to pose for the camera.

More events to come!